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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does a soy wax candle last....

As long as the appropriate candle precautions are followed, a 4 oz soy candle will burn approximately 20-25 hours.  A 12 oz candle will burn approximately 60-84 hours. 

2. Why is my candle lumpy and/or bumpy after I burn it?

Due to uneven cooling of the wax pool, lumps and bumps form. This does not affect the burning time of the candle and in fact is proof off a 100% soy wax candle! 

3Am I paying for wax that is unusable if the vessel is a wine bottle with a large punt?

Absolutely not! The wick is always placed on the top of the punt and unscented wax and/or sand is used to fill in the area which will be unable to be burnt.  Each vessel is hand measured for its wax holding volume using water. If the bottle contains a punt, the  vessel is sold at 2 oz less than what the vessel truly holds. For Example- a vessel that holds 14 oz of water would be sold as a 12 oz candle. Just the same as you would not want to pay for unusable wax, we do not want to waste unusable scented wax! Due to some scents giving the soy wax a slight cream color you may be able to see that the unscented wax in the bottom of the candle is whiter than the scented wax poured on top after it has hardened. 

4. Why make a vessel out of an "upcycled" bottle? 

Glass Bottle Chic prides itself in the uniqueness and distinction of each candle being a true "one of a kind". Giving a bottle a second life is a personal appreciation of ours. Every attempt to help Mother Nature and reuse what we can is a step in the right direction.  Knowing that we also help support soy farmers and many other small businesses in the production of our candles makes it all worth it. Each candle has a story, our scents are meant to bring back a memory, provoke feelings or simply inspire one to enjoy life. As a gift, it is easy to find a candle scent and vessel that is perfect for that special person. As a personal purchase it is so much more than "just" a candle.

5.  Can I order a specific scent, size and in a specific vessel?

Special orders are definitely welcomed!  Due to the availability of bottles, production time to prepare the vessel and pour the candle, it is more difficult to provide an exact shipment date, but by contacting us we will do everything we can to make your perfect candle. Special Orders are priced the same as ready to ship candles.  Once you contact us we will be able to narrow down what you can expect for a delivery date based on if we have the bottle you desire in stock. 

6.  Do you have any other products besides candles?

We will be adding high ball glasses, mixed drink glasses and other decorative items to our product line as time goes on.  In the mean time, feel free to make requests by contacting us at  Keep in mind that a candle made out of a scotch or whiskey bottle makes for a great high ball glass after the wax is gone and the vessel has been adequately cleaned! Larger candles make great vases once it's life as a candle has been extinguished and the vessel has been properly cleaned.

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