Current Glass Bottle Chic Candle Scents


Autumn Comfort~

Autumn Comfort is that familiar smell you long for as the seasons change and the outdoor temperatures start to drop. A favorite among those who enjoy a pumpkin latte after a long day

top notes: cinnamon, buttercream                middle notes: pumpkin, clove, vanilla                    base notes: graham cracker, bourbon


Book Nook~

Book Nook is a subtle, yet familiar scent of looking through the shelves of an old library.  A comforting scent that will entice a person to curl up with a new book without any guilt.

top notes: teakwood, saffron                                     middle notes: cedar, leather                          base notes: sandalwood, dark musk



Clothesline Fresh~

Clothesline Fresh is the ultimate clean, crisp and fresh scent.  It's that unmistakable smell and feel of clean sheets freshly dried outside. Even better is when someone else makes your bed and you simply crawl in. 


top notes: ozone, sea salt                                            middle notes: rose, hydrangea                                         base notes: sandalwood



Coffee Lover~

Coffee Lover is a scent for anyone who loves the aroma of freshly roasted ground coffee beans. Coffee Lover was designed for those who enjoy a robust fresh brewed cup of coffee and cherish the smell just as much. 


top notes: coffee, buttercream, nutmeg                   middle notes: vanilla, clove                       base notes: cream, bourbon, cinnamon


Cowboy Up!~

Cowboy Up! is a subtle scent of fresh and masculine with a hint of leather. The scent sparks a vision of a well-dressed Cowboy wearing his finest leather boots and vest and of course topped with a classic cowboy hat.


top notes: saffron                                               middle notes: cedar, jasmine                                                base notes: Amber, dark musk



Cuddle Time~

Cuddle Time is best described as the ultimate curl up with a blanket on the couch while the fireplace crackles with sappy pine logs scent. The essence of a campfire without the smoke smell in your clothes!


top notes: ginger, saffron, spice                                 middle notes: teakwood, cypress                                      base notes: pine, smoke


Dancing Dolphins~

Dancing Dolphins is a scent that is best explained by the excitement and joy one feels while walking along the ocean and suddenly a pod of dolphins breaks the surface and puts on a display of grace and acrobatics. You stop, take a few deep breaths and are thankful for such amazing creatures.

top notes: sea salt, ozone, italian mandarin           middle notes: jasmine, water lily, bamboo          base notes: driftwood, sea water



Grandma's Apple Pie~

Grandma’s Apple Pie is sure to bring back memories of eagerly waiting for that fresh baked apple pie that hasn’t cooled enough yet to eat. But you can be sure, once given the go ahead, not much will be left of Grandma’s Apple Pie!


top notes: cinnamon, nutmeg                              middle notes: apple, clove, vanilla                                         base notes: clove, sugar



Happy Heart~

Happy Heart scented candles are best described as that feeling one gets from all the amazing smells when entering a floral shop.  A smell that makes us smile and reminds us we are loved.


top notes: gardenia , lemon peel                                middle notes: green floral, jasmine, tuberose                         base notes: powder



Man Cave~

Man Cave is the ultimate scent for that location that needs a "little something" to hide the smells that are all too common in those "Men Only" locations. A rich masculine fragrance that melds the notes of wood smoke, leather and birch into an amazing candle that is admired by both men and women.


top notes: teakwood, saffron                         middle notes: cedar, leather, pine                           base notes: tonka bean, smoke, amber



Moonlit Beach~

Envision walking barefoot in the sugar white sand with that special someone while the moon glistens on the ocean waves. You can hear the crashing of the waves on a distant rocky shoreline, the warm ocean breeze smells of ocean salt and orchids, this is Moonlit Beach.

top notes: mandarin                                         middle notes: cedar, jasmine                                                 base notes: amber, dark musk



Mountain Stream~

Mountain Stream is a bouquet of wildflower blooms thriving from a source of the freshest water trickling through rocky mountain valleys. 

top notes: green leaves, cypress                            middle notes: jasmine, pine, cedar                                 base notes: sandalwood, fir



Nature’s Whisper~

Nature’s Whisper is a fragrance infused with natural essential oils including lavender, orange, lemon, and cedarwood. It is the voice that Mother Nature would use if she could speak.


top notes: grass, bergamot                          middle notes: teakwood, lavender                            base notes: sandalwood, cedar, violet



Pine Forest~

Pine Forest is a better version of the classic Christmas pine scent, it is a blend of everything awesome in the forest. A combination of spruce, cypress, birch and more makes this scent a year around reminder of the wonderfulness of a forest.


top notes: pine, ozone, eucalyptus               middle notes: green floral, cypress, bayberry                       base notes: spruce, cedar, fir




Rugged is a masculine scent representing a person who prefers manual labor over a desk job. A well-built individual with a perfect tan from often working without a shirt on. A very focused person who works hard so he can play hard.


top notes: saffron                                             middle notes: musk, cypress                                           base notes: leather, cedar, amber



Sail Away~

Sail Away is a scent full of citrus and tropical blooms with the essence of sailing the ocean upon catamaran.


top notes: ozone, citrus                                  middle notes: honeydew, violet                                 base notes: sea salt, cedar, patchoul



Sea Spray~

Sea Spray is best described as that unforgettable scent in the air while lying on the beach wishing the day would never end.  The belief, that even if just for a moment, the world is perfect, and you have found your happy place.


top notes: sea salt, ozone                                        middle notes: plum, cardamon                                        base notes: dark musk, amber



Secret Hideaway~

Your Secret Hideaway has elegantly landscaped gardens that provide beauty both visually and sensually. As the evening approaches you relax on the deck with only the serenading of loons and distant sounds of frogs breaking the silence. The sunset symbols the end of a perfect day turning into a beautiful evening.


top notes: saffron, green leaves                    middle notes: lily of the valley, fresh bamboo                    base notes: leather, driftwood



Spa Day~

Spa Day scent will surround your senses with the earthly tones of lavender, hints of orchid and a whisper of the tropics. This scent will calm and inspire you to daydream while leaving your cares behind.


top notes: ozone, sea salt, citrus                         middle notes: lavender, green leaves, jasmine                     base notes: cedar, amber


Spring Rain~

Spring Rain is the most memorable of springtime smells for anyone who experiences a true winter season.  The comforting fragrance of fresh cut grass and tender flowers blossoming after a gentle, cleansing spring rain.


top notes: green leaves, bergamot                      middle notes: rose, lavender, cucumber                             base notes: violet, ozone



Sweet Memories~

Sweet Memories will turn any house into home with its inviting smell.  It will inspire warm feelings of love and admiration when the memories of time spent baking with the special people in our lives begin to surface.


top notes: cinnamon, buttercream             middle notes: vanilla, apple, raisin, clove, cake                 base notes: sugar, butter, tonka


Tiki Time~

Tiki Time is a scent that was designed for fun. A combination of citrus scents and tropical florals elevates mood and energy. Get the grass skirt out and make sure there's lots of ice for the blender.... it’s Tiki Time!


top notes: citrus, ginger                                               middle notes: orange, lemon verbena                                   base notes: coconut